Theoretical Physics

Theoretical physics is all in the  mind,
And that’s where it’s going to stay
I don’t understand the Universe,
But it seems to go on anyway
Mathematical models can help quite a lot,
And that’s just as well, ‘cos they’re all we’ve got
But strings have the physicists all in a bind –
So if you should meet one, just try to be kind!

Astronomers know that the Universe glows,
But that most of the stuff we can’t see
Eighty percent is quite different
From the stuff that makes up you and me
And dark energy’s a big mystery,
The unwished-for guest of Cosmology
And photon’s who’ve travelled for millions of years
Just land in our eyeballs like nothing is weird

Quantum Mechanics has stolen my heart
And trampled all over my brain
When things that seem solid, actually aren’t
And object impermanence reigns
Is Consciousness empty, is Free Will a hoax?
I think it’s unlikely, and so do most folks
So thinking caps on, and let’s ponder anew
Until it makes sense, it’s the best thing to do!

Now scientists quibble, and sometimes they fight
In their quest to uncover the truth
While they can be wrong, they are usually right,
So forgive them if they seem aloof
But models as idols can lead us astray
On life’s biggest questions, they’ve nothing to say
So should we place all of our bets on The Mind?
Don’t know about you, but I think I’ll decline