Champness Jack is a singer songwriter, composer and multi instrumentalist. Trained as a physicist, he traversed decades long careers in systems engineering and machine learning research before landing here. For more on all that, check out

Listed below are some people whose online teaching really works and who helped him make that transition. These recommendations are not sponsored in any way.

Recommended Online Teachers

Linor Oren

Linor is a professional singer and vocal instructor. In addition to giving in-person lessons at her studio in Amsterdam, she gives online lessons and offers paid online courses on singing, stage presence, and singing with yoga. She also offers a free course and many free instructional videos. Linor’s paid courses are unusual in that she interacts with the students directly, for example by giving feedback on performance videos, answering emails, etc. This is a major advantage over most other online courses. Linor’s courses are well organized and methodical: they identify and isolate vocal problems (that may have persisted for years) and they give you tools to overcome them.

If you can make a sound, you can sing. Linor will show you how.


Adrian Farrell

Adrian is a STAT qualified Alexander Technique instructor, Craniosacral therapist, and bass player. He gives in-person lessons on the Alexander Technique in London, as well as giving online lessons. Most Alexander Technique teachers require in-person lessons; the method does not seem to lend itself very well to Zoom meetings; but Adrian somehow makes it work. In a nutshell, the Alexander Technique helps you identify and address unconscious patterns of movement and behaviour that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Adrian’s musical background makes his teaching especially useful for musicians. The AT can be hard to get a handle on, but with persistence it is transformative.